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... to the homepage of the Riding and Driving School for the county of Rhineland.

The County Riding and Driving School Rhineland is a facility of the Equestrian Federation in the county of Rhineland (registered club); of the county sport authority (Landessportbund Rheinland) and is supported by the ministry for environment and conservation, agriculture and consumer protection for the government of North Rhine Westphalia.

The County Riding and Driving School Rhineland, an authorised equestrian school for riding and driving was reopened in 2001 at its new home in Langenfeld, on the former equestrian centre “Gut Langfort”.

Following the results of the latest findings, and as a consequence of a great deal of time and effort an equestrian riding school was established on the 11 Hectare site. The aim of the site, being to provide the ideal facility to train and educate people interested in the equestrian sport.

We offer training and educational seminars, clinics and examinations all year round.

It is possible to bring your own horse or to fall back on the well-trained schooling horses, available to all standards, of the riding school.